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Beijing Friendship Hotel (5 star) 北京友谊宾馆


  For special CME 2013 rate. Before May 11, 2013

  For reservation at Beijing Friendship Hotel (5 star) 北京友谊宾馆, please complete the reservation form in MS-WORD or PDF, and send it via fax or email to:

Miss Nancy - Sales Manager of Marketing Dept.
Beijing Friendship Hotel
No.1 Zhongguancun South St. Beijing
Beijing 100873,China
Phone: +86-10-68499750 68498880
Fax: +86-10-68499168
Mobile: +86-13811255718
E-mail: smd@bjfriendshiphotel.com

  CME 2013 will be held in the city of Beijing, at Beijing Friendship Hotel, Beijing, which serves as both the official conference hotel and the venue for the technical program. Beijing Friendship Hotel is situated in the center of Zhong Guan Cun High-tech Garden, Beijing Friendship Hotel is in No.1 South St. of Zhong Guan Cun in Haidian District with some famous site scene like Summer Palace, Winter Palace and Xiangshan, there are also some well-known universities including Beijing University and Tsinghua University. As the largest garden hotel in Asia, Beijing Friendship Hotel is recorded into World Architecture Annals published by Cambridege in UK for its large area and typical folk style. Its Chinese taste may be found in its garden architectures, and more history might be discovered with more understanding.
  The indoor swimming pool is spacious and bright. It is 50m long and 20m wide with 8 lanes. The glass roof can be opened to enjoy the fresh air in summer. The 120 square meters balcony is a great place to enjoy the sunshine. Two indoor tennis courts cover an area of 1,700 square meters with a height up to 13 meters. They are spacious, brilliantly lit and well - equipped. Other facilities include a ping pong table, a snooker pool/table, finess room, aerobics room, Yoga room and mini golf. There is also a louge bar with broadband internet access. You can surf the net over a cup of delicious coffee.


  The way to the Bejing Friendship Hotel: